Platform for FAIR Dutch designers


Made of the most refined quality organic cotton



Completely hand-woven and hand-embroidered


according to natural


PROUDLY produced in India by highly skilled traditional artisans

Co created with local community based organisations embracing fair trade

Fibonacci inspired textiles

with traditional INDIAN


Made by real people! IXX' craftspeople create HAND-woven & HAND-embroidered products from the most refined ECOLOGICAL cotton.


IXX offers PLAIDS, CUSHION-COVERS + SHAWLS (in 2 sizes), in various designs and colourways.

What makes this special?

The Fibonacci-sequence

All measurements in this collection (patterns AND product-sizes)

are based on Fibonacci-numbers.

This universal range of numbers (0 -1 -1 -2 -3 -5 -8 -13 -21 -34 -55 -89 -...) was used in ancient India to measure underlying rhythm of poetry and was mentioned in Indian texts from 600BC.

The Fibonacci-sequences are often found in nature (in the growth of plants, trees and the human body).


Contributing to a more beautiful, more sustainable and more conscious life on our planet

IXXcreates is a Dutch design-studio for inspiring concepts & sustainable textile products. Jolijn Fiddelaers (1979) is owner and director of IXX. Since 2002 she has worked as an academic teacher and industrial textile-designer for various international companies. In 2010 she started IXX to create a fertile breeding-ground for co-creative and sustainable textile-related projects to come into being.


Jolijn: "I believe that designers, being professional 'creators', have a unique chance to contribute to a more beautiful, more sustainable and more conscious life on our planet. I love to encourage people make the dreams come true! From inspiration to creation... IXX enables me to walk (and sometimes dance) my talk!"

The India adventure

In February 2010 IXX flew to India for the first time to learn more about Indian textile traditions and to discover the possibilities for collaboration. We were very lucky to meet wonderful people with whom we felt connected right away! What started as a big adventure is now a cross-cultural partnership with valuable chances for both partners.

Jolijn Fiddelaers

the designer

Our ambition

Create highest quality textile products for West-European markets, hand-made by Indian artisans. And in addition to work as sustainable as possible (design supports social, cultural, economical, environmental issues).

Textile Lovers by heart

As we are textile-lovers by heart we are truly inspired by Indian men and women wearing TEXTILES instead of clothes! We love how they play with 'just' a piece of beautifully made fabric, draping and wrapping it around their bodies.

How nomadic artisans made

the elaborate embroidery

Latha and her fellow artisans belong to a nomadic tribe called Lambadis and are doing the intricate embroidery on the ixxmeetsindia collection. Jolijn adds a unique facet of the costume of the Lambadi woman is its elaborate embroidery. Latha’s klan settled in the pictures valley in the South of India that Mahatma Gandhi called an oasis several years ago and are now a dominant community.


Living in communion with nature, they have retained their own characteristic culture and heritage. They originate from Rajasthan in the north west of India and wandered around India and are the ancestors of the gypsies that migrated in waves to Europe.


The wanderlust of all nomadic tribes gave them a certain gaiety, which is reflected in their song, dance and attire. The costume of the Lambadi woman glitters with small pieces of mirror, coins and costume jewellery. Traditionally this embroidery was done on personal items of girls to be married.


The artisans

IXXmeetsIndia scarves and shawls are entirely handmade and each piece is the beautiful culmination of a process that involves many intricate steps, each performed by an artisan who is highly skilled in their craft.

Encouraging and supporting  crafts

Today the artisans have their own organisation as they believe that the renaissance of their traditional arts and crafts can be brought about only by encouraging, training, and compensating the craftspeople fairly.

The Process

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

In the drawing below you can see that the big PLAID is the base-design for the entire collection. The smaller products (CUSHIONS and SHAWLS) derive from it. This design-concept symbolizes IXX' motto "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts".


The design inspiration

IXX is inspired by that special something in human nature that connects us all. Traveling to India means becoming aware of huge cultural differences AND (on another level) of great interconnectedness... Our collaborations and collections originate from this.


Sustaining crafts

It's our mission to "cherish tradition and embrace innovation". By doing so we bring a new perspective within existing frames and we can contribute to the beautiful skills of our Indian craftspeople.

Organic cotton benefits all

Jolijn selected organic cotton. Jolijn mentions that a growing number of farmers and organisations in Southern India recognise that growing crops without pesticides is a way to connect with their land and ensure preservation for themselves, their children, and for the wildlife in the nearby forest areas.


Cotton covers 2.5% of the world's cultivated land yet uses 16% of the world's insecticides, more than any other single major crop. One of the key benefits of organic agriculture is its contribution to biodiversity. In southern India, organic cotton farmers are supporting fragile forest ecosystems and an elephant corridor.


Though handlooms are on the decline they still provide a livelihood for many craftspeople in rural India. The weaver uses a combination of foot pedals, throwing the thread shuttle, and hand levers to adjust the weft as per the design of the scarf. These artisans come from a long lineage of master weavers and have tremendous skill and knowledge in their craft. Only they possess the skills required to make such intricate and delicate weaves using these fine natural yarns.

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