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Sturdy, simple and stylish bags – based on the philosophy Less is more

A personalized leather bag designed and made by hand in the old city of Haarlem with love and attention to detail .

Have an errand to the shops, going out for dinner or to work, running to the gym well PUC has the bag for you. In PUC you find not only stylish leather bags, but also accessories. From a wallet, travel kit to a tough case for your sunglasses.


Going out bag

This stylish bag is ideal for going out!

Shopping / work bag

suggested retail price € 249,-

Not only convenient for shopping for an afternoon, but also to go to work. So in goes the laptop and let's get to work.


The strap is adjustable from inside, to wear as a shoulder strap or a short strap;


There is a mobile phone pouch;


There is an evening bag included which can also be used as a case;


suggested retail price € 139,-

Back packs

suggested retail price € 279,-

This stylish backpack is ideal for travelling or going around the city especially on your bike.

Journey bags – the Pastel collection

From € 39,- to  € 119,-

The journey bags are Ideal for a wallet to carrying papers to your laptop;


The journey bags each come with leather straps so you can wear them on your shoulders.



Journeys camel collection

5 bags from €19,- to  €149,- (19, 39,69, 119 and 149)


What makes this special?

Each bag is individually made by hand made from high quality leather which is over production and would otherwise be wasted

Each bag comes with a tag with a unique code such that you can receive special gifts or vouchers from PUC.

The shopping bag has adjustable straps

Sandra Roozen

the designer

Designer Sandra Roozen

This is the work of Sandra Roozen, the creative brain behind PUC. Based in the old city centre of the Dutch town of Haarlem she has a showroom and workshop where the latest models are conceived, designed and made piece by piece according to the PUC philosophy: Less is more / Simply, stylish and sturdy.


Sandra worked as a graphic designer for many years. She initially was at art school, and then trained in fashion & apparel. A combination that you see reflected in the collection of PUC.


PUC the bags name comes from Personalized Unique Collection.



You could say we are a women’s collective of specialized and trained bag makers who make the bags in our own workshop on the premises. We work with the resident parrot Dakota and dog Pien for company. A lot of us are trained in Amsterdam at a specialist institute.

From bag lover to bag maker

Sandra shares “Like a lot of women I loved bags and was collecting all sorts of bags from great vintage bags from markets and occasionally a ruinously expensive brand. Next to this I was making some bags for a hobby mainly out of textile fabric. I then decided to open a shop specializing in bags. And ultimately decided to blend all this together and make my own collection to showcase.

Old style personal service

PUC have their showroom and workshop in Haarlem.

Here you can experience the PUC atmosphere, smell the leather and see the various collections.

Sandra says we always welcome people here and by visiting in person you can have a really personalized bag and experience. You can come on your own or with a group

of friends. You can design your own bag 'mix & match’. Choose your favorite model, type of leather and color and even for some models adjust the standard bag size.


Personalized Unique Collection at its best!

Clean and simple!

Sandra mentions “As a graphic designer I'm fascinated by sleek shapes. This is reflected in the PUCbags ". They are clean and simple, no bells and whistles. Just like a bag should be. Tough but stylish at the same time, where I'm using a lot of natural pastel colors.


I also try to keep the showcasing simple by presenting my products with other objects such as the bike rather than life human models.

However I am in the process of finding the best way forward for this. Our last collection we showed with a bike being naturally Dutch. Before that we used rollerskates and Pien (the dog), which also gives a good idea of the size of the bag.


PUC uses remnants or over production quality European leather.


In the corner Pien the dog is snoring, while the sewing machine rattles softly. On the workbench lie hides in

earth tones, trendy, ready to be cut. In the background the Parrot is giving instructions!

The smell of leather mixes with fresh coffee. Welcome to the tranquil friendly and cosy atmosphere of

the workshop of PUC in the heart of the small streets of old Haarlem.


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