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Funky and practical wall light

and desk lamp

A hanging wall lamp available in different colored shades that can influence the actual light and mood and a Grasshopper desk/table lamp that is adjustable in height.

Rebob likes the simplicity of 1950’s 60’s design, positive and open-minded forms and a non-complicated way of producing. This inspired the lights which are hand made in Rebob’s own workshop combining

a specially fired porcelain ball with bamboo.


Price  € 175 -195 ,-

Peach and pistache

Does not influence light but gives beautiful impact

Normal and oversize

Desk or table lamp

Adjustable height


For the wall lamp you can select the colors inside the ball to create an effect – white, pink, red, yellow and black inside

which gives a nice color

What makes this special?

You can order more balls and change the color. It’s easy to do and the same way to change the bulb.

How you hang the light to the wall is invisible using a small iron tube and a hex bolt

Bamboo wall light

Price  € 125,-

Influences actual light and mood.


Small lamp which can be used in all rooms


The Designers

Mariette is a trained artist specialising in ceramics and portraits for almost 25 years. What interests me is people, how they think, feel, act. That has resulted in many sculptures and a lot of experience with ceramics.


Mariette says: "I like vintage objects and I was thinking of objects which go with

quality vintage furniture and therefore created wall objects. Hans my partner and

I design, prototype and produce all the parts ourselves.


We like the simplicity of midcentury design, the positive and open-minded forms and the non-complicated way of producing processes. Therefore we started Rebob in 2012. Our company name is inspired by midcentury design and we design and produce so-called Reborn Objects, Rebob. The logo stands for that concept and also corresponds with the basic form we use a lot - the porcelain ball. The red dot in the o is the same as the big ball in the Twister set our first product and design."


This is a wall decoration set consisting of 6 porcelain balls. The biggest one is cut open and colored inside which corresponds with the small colored ball. Using more of these sets makes your wall fabulous especially when the sun light give you a hand.


Mariëtte van der Ven

the designer

Hans Pelicaan

the designer

The artisans

We produce all parts of the products ourselves, the porcelain, the iron and the bamboo or wooden parts.

Because of our goal to control the whole process we make limited versions of all the designs.

The design inspiration

Because of our preference for simple looking forms and transparent producing processes we put a lot of thought how to realize this. We don’t want to be dependent on others in our producing process so we only design and create solutions which can be made by ourselves.

The materials

Our lights comprise

Power cord




Bamboo stick

Porcelain ball

Iron socket


Bringing a porcelain ball to life

The creation of the Porcelain balls is quite a process and as porcelain is a very delicate and hard to control product, often there are parts which do not survive our quality demands.


Making the porcelain mixture

First we mix the porcelain paste which takes a few hours and involves sieving the mass to remove bits. Porcelain consists of kaolin, quartz and feldspar.


Forming and drying

To make the balls we use plaster molds. First we pour the porcelain paste, wait a few minutes so the shell can form and then pour the mixture out. Then it rests for a few hours and then you can open the mold. In this state depending on

the product the relevant openings like holes can be cut. After this porcelain form is left to dry for one or two weeks.


Sanding and glazing

The balls can then be sanded thoroughly and in some cases colored with a pigmented clay mass. For the inside surfaces this is done by pouring and for the outside surfaces by spraying. The logo is applied on the raw shell and is fired in the porcelain.



The balls are fired in a kiln oven at 1230 degrees celsius which takes a day and requires another day to cool down. To prevent collapsing of the forms in the oven, we use supports made from the same material.


Our own mini iron workshop

In addition to the porcelain parts we also do the other materials ourselves. In our workshop we have the equipment to do the iron works including the finishing with the matt black paint. The bamboo sticks are cut, sanded and finished with a matt transparent varnish.


All products are packed thoroughly and completed with a clear mounting instruction.

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