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Old cabinets new design –

valuing traditional craftsmanship and memories creating

new possibilities

Dutch designer lovingly hand makes old cabinets into new one of

a kind master pieces. Better still you can even send your own old cabinet to be materialised into a new life.


Each new OudNow cabinet has its own story, unique shape and color combination. As each piece is unique and has its own design, hand making, renovation and finishing demands prices typically can vary from 299 to 1000 euros.

What makes this special?

One of a kind – each cabinet is unique and renovated and renewed by hand

Personalisation – chose your own color scheme or better still send your own old cabinet and agree the new design

The bottom base is made from scratch together with new legs. The cabinet is in two pieces and is easily transportable, simple to assemble with wooden pins

Recycling of discarded cabinets

All waste is discarded in an environment friendly way

Environmental friendly paint

Theo Herfkens

the designer & artisan

The designer and artisan

Theo Herfkens

I worked as a graphic designer for years and had previously worked at a furniture makers and a wood factory and had kept an interest and hobby for furniture and in 2009 decided to combine this to start making my own designs full time.


I love combining creative modern design with hand made production.

I wanted to combine traditional with modern, old with new.


And I am conscious and interested in minimising wastage and avoiding throwing away old things which carry so much history, memories and at times emotional attachment.


Hence the name in Dutch OudNow which translates to old now


The Process

Design inspiration

"I had an old cabinet which was made to a high standard but frankly looked aged and ugly, however I was emotionally attached to it so I was reluctant to throw it away. One day I decided to create a new design and reuse it. I enjoyed the process and got compliments and interest and decided that I would like to do this with more cabinets."


By using old cabinets as the basis for new designs, this creates surprising furniture that directly references history, and tells an engaging story.


We pick old and discarded cabinets from everywhere – garage sales, online and second hand shops. Its amazing what people throw out. And of course clients send in their own old cabinets as well. Mostly we find cabinets that have great workmanship and can have quality wood.


Cabinets are painted in chosen colours from a given colour scheme. They are only sprayed with environmentally friendly water-based furniture polish.

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Each cabinet is painstakingly hand made and this typically takes

1 to 3 days of work. The pleasure is seeing a new piece coming

to life.


Each cabinet is unique so thought has to go into the design.

The old cabinets also may have parts that don’t work properly typically the doors, hinges, drawers, handles so this needs

to be addressed and some renovation is often involved.

Then a clean new-made base and new legs are constructed

and added for each cabinet.

With finishing, sand blasting and painting for the finale.