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One of a kind printed dresses –

each item is unique!

Designed and made in the heart of Berlin by a Dutch trained designer these dresses are made in a sheltered workshop for people with disabilities.


All the pieces are printed on one side and have the other side blank. So whenever you feel like a colourful print you wear it on the front. When you feel like one colour you turn the shirt or short around and wear the print on the back.



Tops (one size)

Price € 100,-

Shorts (size: XS)

Price € 120,-

Dress (one size)

Price € 150,-

The shirts, shorts and dresses are a combination of silk or cotton. The patterns are printed on synthetic fabrics, like chiffon or satin.



Each design is only printed once – one of a kind

What makes this special?

Each item is made in

a sheltered workshop for people

with disabilities

The cut is symmetrical

The item can be worn both sides to give a different

look and feel

The Designer: Eugenia Zeiser

I was born in Russia and grew up in Germany and studied in The Netherlands.

I am multicultural which heavily influences my designs and philosophy.


After completing my education I became a Graphic Designer. At the same time

I was working part time for an interior textile design brand, where I discovered my passion for Textile. I then attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, Faculty of Textile Design, from where I graduated in 2011.


During my study I had six months work experience at a print design studio, based in Sydney. There I was able to improve my design skills. All of my designs at Karolina York where sold to different types of clients, both high end and commercial.


The last three years in Berlin I was working part time for independent Berlin

fashion brands such as ButterflySoulFire. I was able to learn firsthand from

the designer to work and create the newest collections and advance myself as

a Textile Designer. This has given me time to explore more of the fashion world.


I love the fast pace, creativity and scope for experimentation of fashion.

The collection "Multicultural Mix" is my first own collection. This collection is a like

a "mixer" with lots of different ingredients! For me it’s not about what you create, its about the feeling during the process when you create something! Textile Design is not only fabric its about the structure. And the structure is a repeat. Everything is repeated in nature. This makes the beauty of constant.

Continuous repeat is a rhythm. And rythm is perfection.


Eugenia Zeiser

the designer

The artisans

This project is a collaboration with a sheltered workshop in Berlin, Wergo, which supports people with different disabilities. In small groups, these people can be individually supported and with professional help, they are able to find what they are interested in. One such area is Textile and Design and I am happy to work together to bring my designs to life.


Here they learn basic techniques and discover different materials. They also get extended knowledge on industrial sewing-machines. Beside their own product line " Von Anderen", they are working with different small brands.

In addition this project allowed me to co-operate with up and coming young artists, who helped me to create a wonderful expressive collection. I had a chance of working with a young photographer Jennifer Wolff and Make- up Artist Antje Gˆhring. The girl, who represents perfectly my collection is a New face Model Sarah.

The design inspiration

I love to travel by my own to discover new places and meet different people with different cultures. The different surroundings inspire me. This collection brings all my traveling experience and my feelings together. You can see it in the powerful colours and traditional patterns, mixed with modern spirit. Much of my work is based on first hand observations of my surroundings, which I then manipulate to produce a wide genre of designs.


I am inspired by the amazing patterns of Gaudi’s architecture work in Barcelona. Or my photography

collection of daedel tiles in Lisbon, combined with my own hand drawings. Visible on the chosen colours, you can see my Russian soul, which always follows me, where ever I go.


As a new designer I also formed a strong collaboration with an upcoming photographer Jennifer Wolff and young model Sarah which was important to present my collection in a professional way.


The materials

The patterns are printed on synthetic fabrics, like chiffon or satin. The shirts, shorts and dresses are combined with silk or cotton.


This collection went through many steps:

1. First the motifs are hand drawn and transferred into digital designs.

2. Next step is the digital print on fabric, by Moskauer a print agency

3. I then developed the cut

4. The sewing and construction was done in the sheltered workshop


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