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Finest cashmere jumpers, ponchos, scarfs

& hats made in the land in the heavens

Every jumper is patiently handcrafted in Nepal, using local traditional skills and locally sourced premium materials. Thought, effort and time goes into every individual piece. By signing the label, the creators give their items a soul, and personality.

Cap 100% cashmere

- 4gg, 4ply, 2/28

- colours: grey mélange(as shown), natural, black



Poncho 100% cashmere

- 12gg, 2ply, 2/28

- Colours: black, royal blue, flamingo (as shown),

   rose, silver grey mélange


Pullover asymmetric

100% cashmere

- 12gg, 2ply, 2/28

- Colours: flamingo (as shown), natural, black, silver grey mélange and graphite mélange


Big scarf 100% cashmere

- 4gg, 4ply, 2/28

- Colours: grey mélange (as shown),

   natural, black


Pullover wide oversized

100% cashmere

- 4gg, 4ply, 2/28

- Colours: grey mélange (as shown)

   ,graphite mélange, silver grey mélange


100% cashmere

What makes this special?

Handmade down to the finest details such as the hangtags and buttons

Each jumper label is personally signed by one of the skilled persons that made it. On the neyo. website you can meet each person.

Made in a family owned small specialist hand knitting company employing mainly Nepalese women

The Designer

Ineke Frohnhofen studied textile design in Maastricht. I started my own fashion label after spending time in Nepal on a student internship. At neyo. we combine traditional Nepalese craftsmanship with our love for design and natural materials. At neyo. we are proud to produce in ethically responsible and transparent working environment.


I definitely believe in slow as opposed to fast throw away mass production fashion. Each piece is timeless and all made by hand down to the finest detail including things like buttons.


This is reflected in our name neyo. – new and you.

We want a piece YOU can be really proud to wear and as pure as possible made in the NEW way of respecting and celebrating as much as possible the makers as an integral part of the product and not just faceless persons.


Our icon is a ring which is subtly on each product. The circle is closing, never ending, goes on and on, and reflects our desire to be a true global company in terms of considering the total impact of all our actions.


The Big Scarf is one of our favourite pieces also as this was the first product we ever produced and this was the beginning of neyo.!


From student traveler to fashion designer.


I did my student internship in Nepal and worked for a co-op of companies all founded by women that work with different handicrafts producing fair which inspired me.

I wanted to initially work in interior design but when I was working in Nepal I wanted some clothes.  I found that they were either beautiful but too traditional or alternatively horrible cheap imports from China. So I decided to make some clothes for myself with the local craftspeople. I was impressed with their skills and saw the opportunity to blend my training and co-create great products which benefited everyone.


Ineke Frohnhofen

the designer

The Artisans

For the jumpers I work closely with the Knitting master Ram Kumar and the women artisans. We have all invested time to get to know each other and create the type of designs I wanted and to the high quality we would be proud to provide. Hence it is an important gesture when the artisan signs each individual item.


Ram is part of a family owned Knitting company that has for generations specialised in their craft. As they are highly experienced and skilled but have been doing the same things for a long time it was also a challenge to blend our different ways of working together. However by working

together we make their products more relevant for

today’s markets. Especially at the beginning this can be an intense process and luckily Ram’s love of German chocolate together with endless cups of tea we bonded and learn from each other and contributed to each other. We developed the product, the patterns and the samples together.


It is also beautiful to see the products come to live and work with the young women artisans. The atmosphere is such that sometimes they bring their pre school kids with them and lounge for the communal lunch and during breaks in the garden especially in the summers.


Knitting Master

In sampling times Ram happily burns the midnight oil. Then he has the time and quiet moments to concentrate on the things he likes most. His favorite way to keep him wide awake is highly quality chocolate - there is no one in the world who loves premium German chocolate more then he does. Really, NO ONE. You can imagine what our luggage is filled with, when we travel to Nepal.



Knitting Supervisor

Rati likes talking in a very engaging way. One of her many duties is to take care of a quiet and harmonious work atmosphere in the knitting department. Quite difficult, if you are mostly the loudest of all. But anyway – she manages, in a cute and enjoyable way.


Head of Stitching

Renu works intuitively and relaxed. All the work is done so fast and easily, you can hardly tell how!  She is the calm magician.



Amrita was trained in the workshop, not long ago. Being a very quick learner, she now trains the newcomers herself. She always listens to music – and knits in the rhythm.

The design inspiration

My inspiration is really simple – the jumper was something I wanted to wear. I created a few different styles that reflects happiness, poise, confidence. A piece that could be worn casually with jeans or for dinner or walk in the evenings.

Materials - 100% Cashmere

Cashmere is a natural fibre from pashmina goats. The fibre is from the neck and chest of the goats collected during the spring moulting season. Cashmere wool is in fact the hair which is what makes it uniquely fine in texture, strong, light and soft. Cashmere is the old name for Kashmir and has been used for clothing in Nepal for centuries.


This is a multi faceted process all done by hand by skilled crafts people.


Cloth Dyeing


Finishing - Mending, hemming

Labels, rings, buttons

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