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Handmade unique hats - blending

old and new

De Hoedenmaker believes in high quality workmanship which can be ultimately seen and felt and experienced by wearing.


Our designs are always recognizable given the finishing, shapes and the quality of workmanship – the precision of the handmade item. We look for color types and combinations that are recognisable and wearable for daily wear. And make your outfit complete. The same hat can support a look which is more classical or modern. We aim for a timeless look – slow fashion.

Black cap

(stone washed black jean material)

Price  € 119,-

Fedora bowler rabbit fur felt

men’s hat

Price  € 359,-

Blueish grey with a blue ribbon band and yellow

ribbon bow (possible in different colors)

Fedora fur felt red woman’s hat

Price  € 339,-

with a leather belt  (possible in different colors)

Women’s silk hat

Price  € 625,-

Possible in different colors

2 weeks of handwork

With our without the goose feathers

Women’s silk hat

Possible in different colors

2 weeks of handwork

With our without the goose feathers

Price  € 625,-

Each hat is a unique combination of shapes, colors and size and is mostly custom made

What makes this special?

We typically hand make hats for daily wear – something and unique and different

In addition we make special hats for specific functions and occasions mainly for women customers

The Designer

Dirk-Jan the love for hat making.


After I finished my studies I worked in a design world for 5 years and then worked in a bank as a financial advisor for 11 years. Then because of personal circumstances and reorganisation at the bank I felt it was a good time for a change. I was always making hats as a hobby since my studies. As a semi professional maker I entered competitions as I enjoyed this.


I studied modern sculpture and was invited to design for a competition for a collection for a dance company and won using paper technique to create hats. I like to design from a flat form to 3D using paper (and vice versa).


Marcel de Leeuw the love for giving service and presentation.


Marcel is a visual stylist and influences the colors and materials. I have been in the fashion and design business since 17 educating myself on the way. As a visual merchandiser, salesman, visual stylist. I was travelling frequently and was often on the road.


Dirk-Jan and I met on a personal basis and decided to jump into living together. We moved to Arnhem and set up a shop as a designer couple making quality hats. We are four years together. I manage the shop, marketing, social media, branding, communications and material purchasing. Behind every great man stands an even greater man!


We co create together. And often with our customers. As 9 hats out of 10 are customised or specially made. Only 1 out of 10 are off the shelf! Increasingly we do this online via Skype. Currently for a customer in France!


Dirk-Jan Kortschot

& Marcel de Leeuw


the designers

The fashion and design district Arnhem

We work in Arnhem in a fashion and design district with many artisanal shops and workplaces making all types of fashion and design (shoes, bags, dresses, ceramics) as well as a barber shop, quaint bars and a fashion hotel with different designers making each of the 20+ rooms. Although you would not immediately think of Arnhem as the hub of a vibrant fashion and design scene, this is also the home to international renowned designers such as Victor and Rolf.

We have an intimate cosy warm showroom where you can pop in for a coffee and come into the world of hats. We co-operated with Piet Hein Eek who designed robot shaped wooden stands for presenting our hats. Our dog Juul is also mostly present.


The design inspiration

We are Inspired by 1920’s 30’s hat styles with a new dimension. We have customers from 20 to 80 years old, women and men which makes designing exciting and there is never a dull day. They often visit our shop and more and more we work online with international clients. An increasing number of younger people are buying our hats and more men are hat lovers. Typically women are buying the hats for events and functions. Guys are more wearing for street wear and protection against the weather. We also have celebrities such as band members who want their own signature hats.

Actresses and female politicians give us a commission for a special hat for an important function such as the opening of the Dutch Parliament.


The customers show us the clothes, shoes and purse outfits they want to combine and wear the hat with. We typically ask for your hat sizes and ask people to send examples and pictures and then we make a design.



The materials


from wool

and rabbit fur






The production process is time consuming


      The Fedora gray hat typically takes 3 days:

      - stiffener on the material and wait 24 hours

      - second day is shaping on a block then drying

      - third day is finishing



      Special hat Fedora for example takes 2 weeks:

      - first design the lines on the paper

      - then put silk on the paper

      - folding in the special way

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