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Italian pizza in under 3 minutes in the garden with your friends.

All in one movable wood fired stove, pizza oven and barbecue set.


Keep yourself warm and make yourself a pizza at the same time.

Made from weather proof high tensil steel robust enough to build bridges and stand outside for over 30 years.

Easily movable when not in use!


The Small Stove + Pizza Oven

Price  € 1190,-

The wood stove weighs 40 kilograms 40x40x85 cm

The detachable pizza oven weighs 36 kilograms


It makes max 35 cm pizzas

With the barbecue set top an additional €69,-


The Medium Stove + Pizza Oven

Price  € 1240,-

The wood stove weighs 47 Kilograms 45x45x95 cm

The detachable pizza oven weighs 43 Kilograms

It makes a max 40 cm pizzas


With the barbecue set top an additional €69,-


Barbecue set top

suggested retail price € 69,-

Wooden pizza paddle

We provide a large wooden pizza square paddle

15 cm long handle with 30 cm by 30 cm


Metal stoking stick

This is 25cm long

Plain steel

This is used to open the stove door as well as comes in handy for opening the pizza oven door and to stoke the wood.

How to make the perfect Italian pizza in your own back garden with the Blok Stove

Pizza oven gets to about 350 degrees centre grade in about 90 minutes of the wood stove been fired up.

In 3 minutes the pizza is ready like it was made in an Italian pizza oven.

Put the base in for 1 minute.

Take out using the wooden paddle Add the sauce and toppings.

Place back in for about 2 minutes.

The Designers of Blok Meubel:

Maurice Blok and Anke Van Gestel

Maurice was schooled as a furniture maker.  He then worked with well known Dutch designer Pieter Hein Eyk for 10 years as a craftsman on some great projects and products. After this he was inspired and itching to go on his own to bring his own ideas to life.


Anke had just completed the Fashion Academy and joined Maurice right at the beginning of his studio and together they created the designs and built the studio. Anke adds as we are partners and a couple we designed our own house and obviously have our own products which gives us an extra dimension as we use them everyday as a family. And we can test our own products before finalising

and launching them.


They have their own collection of outdoor (Ovens, outdoor tables) and inside (cupboards, clocks) décor as well as doing interior design projects on commission.


The studio designs and then has its own onsite workshop where they focus on constructing durable quality products which are limited edition and hand made.


Durable well designed basic construction

In the Dutch tradition they believe in Honest products which are Simple down to earth. We like to have the construction visible and do not hide the materials behind paints or finishing. Basic tough and high quality products made from base materials such as metals, oak wood, and MDF. Maurice adds its simple our product value is Functional and strong and long lasting in design and construction


Anke van Gestel

the designer

Maurice Blok

the designer

Materials - Steel plates strong enough for bridges

The stove and oven are made from 3 mm plates from a local Dutch company made from Corten steel which is a robust weather protective high intensil strength material ideal for outdoor use. Often referred to as Weathering steel, it is developed to eliminate the need for painting, and forms a stable rust-like appearance if exposed to the weather for several years. Given its properties it is used for building bridges, containers, ships as well as large outdoor sculptures


The beauty is that it only rusts one time. Once rusted by the weather it forms a protective layer and the steel underneath

is not affected. You can then put your stove outside for at least 30 years maybe upto 40!


The steel starts greyish/black and then turns yellow/orange and over time to brown/purple and stays that way.

Heat resistant glass is used in the Stove door.


In the pizza oven we have clay stones that are heat resistance

and made from Chamotte.

This is a kind of powder that is produced from fatty clays with a very high melting point. Clay stones made with Chammotte can bear temperatures of upto1300 degrees Celsius and are resistant to thermal shock (temperature extremes). Furthermore the stone absorbs excess water giving rise to the thin crispy pizza base.

Design inspiration

I always wanted to do an outside wood stove as we liked one for our garden says Maurice. And then one day we were hungry and Anke joked it would be great to make a pizza so we had the inspiration to add a pizza oven.

Practical and simple


The production process

We initially spent a lot of time, thought and testing in designing the stove and pizza oven steel plates in a way that they

could be put together as a three dimensional jig saw puzzle even by the user. However we decided to ensure a robust finish

to undertake the assembly in our own workshop. The whole construction is designed in such a way that the only thing

that needs welding is the glass door on the stove.

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